Welcome to my pages! I'm Sepanda Pouryahya, or just "Sepi" for short. I have a PhD in Applied Mathematics/Mathematical Physics my entry in the mathematics genealogy project. I'm a fan of logical puzzles, data, sushi, statistics, the intersection of form and function, and anyone with a story to tell... I forgot to mention the Universe

Dear Universe,
I'm a fan.

A little bit about my background

Born in Manchester, England in 1985 to parents Farzad (AKA dad) and Tammy (AKA mum). I spent all my childhood years in Scotland and the bulk of the rest of my time in Ireland.

"Take some more tea," the March Hare said to Alice, very earnestly. "I've had nothing yet," Alice replied in an offended tone, "so I can't take more." "You mean you can't take less," said the Hatter: "it's very easy to take more than nothing."

A little bit about my Academic journey

I'll post a link to my PhD research once I make a post about it - In a nutshell I studied mathematical models of small networks of neurons and heart cells; their synchronisation, control and generally funny behaviour using nonlinear dynamical systems theory, ergodic theory, and chaos theory.

I have a double honours degree in Mathematics and Theoretical Physics (which was great fun) and at the moment I'm enjoying a whole host of MOOCs (mostly on Coursera) - being most of the way through a Data Science Specialisation being offered by the good folk at Johns Hopkins.


I've been a lecturer at Maynooth University, Ireland for a number of years teaching the joys of mathematics, statistics, programming, and theoretical physics to Science, Arts, Product Design and Engineering students.

Some computational projects I've dabbled in

When I get a chance I'll link to some of the projects I've put together in these topics

Working with and setting up start-ups

For over two years I've been the Director of Sciences at the Rye Institute. I was involved in the project from its humble beginnings. From finding the right building for the business, hiring staff, setting up management teams, reporting to financial boards, adjusting conduct policies and setting/optimising business operations - it's been an amazingly eventful journey!

I'm currently involved with an innovative education company Txt Tutor that just launched in 2014, I'm their resident Mathematician for this year - so far it's been hard work and great fun.


I enjoy a little graphic design in my spare time - presenting complex documents in an easy to understand manner can sometimes be reduced down to a clever way of representing information.

I've made a number of logos, posters, document templates and brochures for both digital and paper print. Many of the designs have been used by the RyeInstitute for advertising and building a corporate identity.

Most of my design work is done with

When it comes to producing informative, functional and elegant documents (lecture notes, chapters in books, presentations) I subscribe to the Edward Tufte school of thought.

More about me and getting in contact

I'm at LinkedIn, though, admittedly I fly in to have a look at some group discussions and fly out almost as quickly!